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Leadership isn't just about guiding the way- it's about walking the path together. Here are some of the exceptional leaders shaping our world class culture.

Meet our leadership team

  • Brandon Timinsky

    Founder & CEO, Executive Director

  • Omer Salimullah

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Jon Sheppard

    CTO & Executive Director

  • Tayseer Ali

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Saad Ali

    Financial Controller

  • Zainab Samantash

    Head of Legal

  • Eli

    Head of Engineering

  • Ahad

    Head of Settlements

  • Maryum Zahid

    VP of People & Culture

  • Omar Qureshi

    Creative Director

  • Miguel Monteiro

    Head of Risk and Fraud

  • Asad Amjad

    Head of Marketing

  • Muhammad Khalil

    Head of Internal Audit

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