Pay Simply.

A debit card and digital bank account with no monthly fees. Shop online or with QR, save automatically, make or share payments with friends, pay bills and so much more!

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Automatic savings

Save money for a rainy day or a special purchase. We’ll round up each transaction to the nearest 100Rs and automatically deposit it to your savings.

Get Your Card

Move money, elegantly

We built SadaPay in a way that makes transacting with friends or paying for goods as easy as possible. That's because #MoneyShouldBeSimple


Pay friends with a tap

Quickly pay back your friends with the ability to instantly send money right to their SadaPay account

Nearby payments

By using GPS technology, SadaPay lets you easily pay nearby people (when their app is open) or merchants

Free bank transfers

Need to send money to someone who isn't on SadaPay yet? No problem - we let you do that too! It's your money.

Custom SadaPay.Me Link

Send your SadaPay.Me/username link to anyone so they can pay you using their debit card, even if its not one of ours!

Simple Account Management

We've spent countless hours refining the user experience within our app to make sure that managing your SadaPay card is super simple.

No matter what time it is, our customer support center is always open to assist with assistance you may need with your account

In case you misplace your card, you can freeze it with just a swipe. Found it? Unfreeze it just as easy.

For additional security, we also give you the option of disabling international transactions or online transactions