Banking for everyone

A free debit card and digital account with no monthly fees. Shop online, save automatically, make or share payments with friends, pay bills and so much more!

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Open a free bank account in minutes

With just a selfie and a picture of your CNIC card, you can have a SadaPay account in just a few minutes. We keep it simple, with no paperwork and no hassle.

Get Your Card

Move money, simply.

SadaPay will be the first to offer true, interoperable payments


Nearby payments

Easily pay nearby friends (when their app is open) or merchants without NFC or Bluetooth

Free ATM Withdrawals

Withdraw up to 10,000 Rs. from any ATMs for free each month (then 3% charge after that)

Spend for free

We don't add any extra charges when you send payments or use your debit card to shop

Send money to anyone

Even if they aren't on SadaPay, you can send money to any mobile wallet or bank account for free

Automate Your Money

Because banking should be simple.

Savings goals let you automatically set aside money from each deposit. Or, invite friends to help contribute!

Automatically categorize transactions for you like groceries and eating out to keep better track of your spending