Why Our Engineers Love Working at SadaPay

Making SadaPay a great place to work is deeply important to us.

I have regular 1:1 with all of our engineers and often, people share positive feelings and experiences that leave me feeling really good about the workplace we are building here. From now on, we’ll try to share some of these things in our blog so that people who are thinking about joining us can learn a little more about what it’s like to work here.

This time, I’ve reached out to Shoaib Akhtar, Muhammad Shayan Khan and Reshail Alvi to share more about what they’re enjoying here.


Shoaib was our first iOS engineer. His clear vision and mature guidance in the initial build of our iOS app have made him a natural leader in our engineering team. So how does Shoaib feel about working at SadaPay?

I like it a lot. I have smart colleagues who are always there to collaborate and help. My day-to-day work has a direct impact on peoples’ lives and contributes to financial inclusiveness in Pakistan, which is very satisfying and close to my heart.


Shayan joined us as a junior engineer and impressed everybody with his energy, intelligence and appetite for learning. Even though he joined as an Android engineer, he recently blew us away with his knowledge of relational databases!

I have become an advocate of TDD, pair programming and extreme programming in general. Product is not rushed here at SadaPay, instead we build things with quality, maintainability and scalability in mind.


When Reshail joined us he was just starting to learn how he could help to build quality in from the start. It’s been wonderful to help him on this journey and see the great impact he is now having on the quality of work his squad is able to deliver.

Every day is different. As a Quality Engineer, I get to explore and learn new ways to build quality into our work. It’s not like a traditional QA role and it has given me a fresh perspective on what we can achieve. TDD is my new best friend!