The flood crisis in Pakistan is far from over. Here’s what we’re doing to help

No words can describe the mass devastation Pakistan has faced because of the floods. The people affected by this disaster cannot recover without help from every single person in the nation who is able to contribute.

At SadaPay, we’ve been continuously reflecting on how we can help. All our efforts in this situation come down to one thing: making a positive impact for those in need. We’ve been trying our best to reassess our priorities, extending as much support as possible to the millions of flood victims.

Here are some steps we took at SadaPay:

  • On our app, we pinned the Alkhidmat Foundation to the top of our quick transfers list so that people could send out donations in a couple of taps. This led to donations of more than PKR 2.9 million in the first 30 days from more than 2500 SadaPay users.
  • We encouraged all SadaPay employees to donate as much as they could from their salaries and our CEO personally matched all donations coming from the company.

We decided to reroute the marketing budget for our SadaPay Swag/Merch. Instead of sending merch to Founders Club members, we will be rerouting these funds to flood relief and will donate 5,000,000 PKR to support affectees during this crisis. We’re still keen on letting our SadaFam rep our merch and we’ll soon have an update on a SadaSwag store to cater to our superfans.

Alkhidmat Foundation also recognized our efforts via their official Twitter page:

These are trying times for our brothers and sisters, with everything including lives, shelter, and sources of income taken away by one of the worst natural calamities in modern times. Our efforts will continue for the long haul and we’ll maintain transparency around all our initiatives through our social channels.

The aftermath is so severe that our collective effort is required to prevent more death and despair. We cannot assume our responsibilities are over after a certain period of time. According to farmers (80% of whose crops have been destroyed), they’ve been set back by 50 years. The type of recovery efforts required to reclaim the 33 million lost homes, the hectares of lost crops, the 2200 miles of damaged roads, must be long-term.

Pakistan is literally under water. It’s going to take a monumental effort to restore the lives and livelihoods of those affected. We’d appreciate your support as we contribute to flood relief efforts.