SadaPay Set for Major Expansion Following Papara Acquisition

In an exciting development for the Pakistani fintech ecosystem, SadaPay has been acquired by Papara, Turkey’s leading fintech company valued at nearly $2 billion USD. 📈

This acquisition will bring cutting-edge technology and financial expertise to SadaPay, empowering it to deliver top-tier mobile banking services to millions of Pakistanis and making financial transactions faster, simpler, and more accessible. 💪

How did it all start?

While attending Endeavor Retreat 2023, a global gathering of the best tech entrepreneurs across the globe, SadaPay’s founder and CEO, Brandon Timinsky, met Ahmed Karsli, the visionary behind Papara. 🤝

Their shared passion for innovation and technology led to exploring potential synergies, with Papara entering Pakistan on Team SadaPay in 2024, with the State Bank of Pakistan’s blessings.

Timinsky explains how this new fintech team will allow SadaPay to enhance its services and reach every corner of Pakistan.

“With SadaPay’s strong brand, exceptional team, and local foundation, this acquisition will significantly accelerate the pace at which we can deliver value to Pakistan’s quarter-billion citizens.”

What is Papara? 🇹🇷

Papara is Turkey’s largest fintech, with 20 million retail users and over 4500 corporate clients like Uber and TikTok. 🏦

Recognized in KPMG’s Global Fintech100, Papara’s innovative products and services are designed to meet the needs of everyday users, making banking fast, affordable, and fun 💸

And what have we been up to?

SadaPay transformed financial services in a nation of a quarter billion people by making banking fast, hassle-free, and easy. 🏆

SadaPay is one of the fastest-growing EMIs globally, reaching 1 million users in record time. ⏱️

Our cutting-edge technology and user-centric products have made a real, meaningful, and measurable impact on the lives of millions. 😍 By offering simple, stellar products built with exceptional tech, speed, and design, SadaPay has redefined what’s possible in banking. 🚀

So what’s ahead?

What happens when we combine SadaPay’s exceptional brand, world-class team, and tech stack tailored for Pakistan with Papara’s industry expertise, technological superiority, and financial backing?

We deliver more value and extraordinary user experience with nothing holding us back. 🔥

Emre Kenci, CEO of Papara, talks about how promising this strategic partnership could prove to be in the future:

By strengthening SadaPay with Papara’s technology, user-oriented culture and business knowledge, we will make it one of the most important financial institutions in the country, just like Papara.”

SadaPay looks forward to operating independently under Papara’s umbrella, scaling its offerings in Pakistan faster than ever.

With 70% of Pakistan’s population under 35, there’s immense potential for growth. We will expand from single-digit millions to tens of millions of users, bringing cutting-edge financial services to more people than ever before. 👨💻

This partnership is about taking what we’ve built to the next level, and we should all be immensely excited about the new opportunities ahead. 👏

Thank you for your support!

This achievement is all because of you, our users. 👏

Your trust and support have been the driving force behind our success. We dedicate this milestone to you and look forward to delivering even better services in the future. 🌟

Here’s to an exciting new chapter for SadaPay and Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindabad! 🇵🇰