SadaBiz Streamlines Invoicing for Pakistani Freelancers with Industry-first Apple Pay Integration

In our relentless pursuit to open up global avenues for local talents, we’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking update to our freelancer account, SadaBiz. Our users can now invoice their clients using the world’s fastest-growing mobile wallet, Apple Pay. Though Apple Pay hasn’t made its way to Pakistan yet, its global footprint is expanding at a remarkable pace, giving SadaBiz users access to 550 million users worldwide.

In the last year alone, Apple Pay has processed a staggering $6 trillion in payments, a figure that stands tall when compared with PayPal’s $1.36 trillion, underlining its growing clout. With a remarkable tally of 2 billion active devices globally, Apple Pay has emerged as the most preferred mobile wallet across the globe 🌏 In addition to Apple Pay, we’ve enabled Google Pay for SadaBiz invoices as well, which also boasts 150 million users globally.

Ever since we launched SadaBiz earlier this year, our aim has been to provide Pakistani freelancers with a superior alternative to mainstream freelancing platforms, which often bite off up to 25% in fees and commissions for facilitating payments from clients 😞 These payments come through at the best foreign exchange rates in the country, allowing freelancers to keep more of their money. We’ve been thoughtfully building SadaBiz, with every iteration fueled by meaningful conversations with our freelancing users. Their pain points and challenges are the essential threads that have guided our product roadmap.

Initially, SadaBiz allowed invoices to be paid via Mastercard and Visa cards, significantly broadening the horizons for our freelancing community. By bringing Apple Pay into the fold, we are taking another giant stride towards connecting global clientele with our local talents seamlessly.

Historically, the journey of receiving international payments has been a rocky one for Pakistani freelancers, largely due to the absence of PayPal in the country’s fintech ecosystem. This void has indeed been a stumbling block for our freelancers and digital entrepreneurs in tapping into global markets. Our integration of Apple Pay now presents a widely accessible and ultra-secure payment avenue for clients to compensate freelancers.

“Our vision is clear: the future of work for Pakistani youth lies in freelancing,” says Brandon Timinsky, CEO at SadaPay. “The integration of Apple Pay is a monumental stride in realizing this vision. This initiative not only unlocks employment prospects for our skilled youth but also plays a crucial role in funneling valuable foreign exchange into Pakistan.”

For a deeper dive into what SadaBiz has to offer, feel free to explore our website. Getting started is a breeze. Simply download the SadaPay app, go through a straightforward setup of your SadaBiz account by sharing some basic details about your freelancing venture, hang tight for 48 hours for account approval, and voila! You’re all set to start invoicing your clients. We can’t wait for you to take it for a spin 🙌