SadaBiz now allows freelancers to “Save in USD and earn in PKR!”

How does retaining your earnings in USD with SadaBiz change the game for your freelancing career? With this feature, we're turning your most requested need into a reality, reshaping how you interact with your freelance earnings. 

In our latest app update, you’ll find our brand new “Available Earnings” widget. Now, when your clients pay one of your payment links, the money will settle to your Available Earnings balance. You can hold that balance as long as you wish or convert as much as you’d like to PKR, whenever you want, with the tap of a finger.

This allows you to make the most of fluctuating exchange rates, choosing the most favorable time to convert your USD earnings into PKR. This means more control over your earnings and the ability to maximize your income.

As a gentle reminder, this is not a “USD Bank Account,” so you can’t spend money directly from this balance. You must first withdraw your earnings to your SadaBiz account in PKR before you can spend it. This is because the Available Earnings are simply a representation of the invoice payments you’ve accumulated that haven’t been withdrawn from the platform yet. In the future, we hope to launch fully functioning USD, EUR and GBP accounts.

The mission at SadaBiz has always been to give freelancers autonomy over how they get paid. Whether its billing a client directly without involving third party platforms or letting the client choose what instrument they’d like to pay with. This new feature addresses a critical pain point for freelancers. In a world where currency values can swing unexpectedly, being able to decide when the conversion happens is not just a convenience; it's a strategic financial privilege. You're no longer at the mercy of sudden market shifts. Instead, you can plan, forecast, and convert when the rates are in your favor, maximizing your earnings.

At SadaBiz, we pride ourselves on being a platform that listens and evolves based on the needs of our community. This latest feature is a direct result of your feedback and popular demand. We understand the challenges you face in managing your finances as a freelancer, especially in a global marketplace. That's why we are committed to innovating and providing solutions that exceed your expectations.

In conclusion, the ability to accumulate USD earnings in your SadaBiz account represents more than just a feature – it's a testament to our commitment to your financial well-being and success. It's an empowering tool that puts you in the driver's seat of your financial journey, enabling you to capitalize on the global marketplace with confidence and ease.

Welcome to a new era of financial freedom and control with SadaBiz. We're excited to have you navigate the market on your terms.