Guarding Your Finances: Essential Tips to Prevent Scams

In today's online world, keeping your accounts safe is crucial to protect your money. With cyber threats on the rise and with the growing number of fraudsters, it's important to stay alert and use effective strategies to keep them out. In this guide, we'll give you simple tips to secure your accounts and keep your money safe from hackers.

We’re confident these insights will help empower you against any potential threats to your SadaPay account and to your financial well-being. 

Firstly, how do Fraudsters operate? 🤔

Fraudsters might call, text, or email you pretending to be someone you trust, like us at SadaPay. It’s not limited to just us, though. Fraudsters may pretend to be other financial institutions such as State Bank of Pakistan or agencies such as FIA, or even people you might be closely associated with, i.e. your bank manager.
They’ll go as far as to call you from numbers that, from the looks of it, seem like hotline numbers. In some cases, they may even resemble ours! (SadaPay’s hotline is 021-111-888-121)

Let’s get one thing straight; Sadapay will only ever reach out to you via in-app chat. 💬

When it comes to communicating with you, we only initiate contact with you through our in-app chat. We won't ever disrupt your day with unexpected phone calls unless we've discussed it with you first over in-app chat.

You can always swipe to the “more” page on the SadaPay app to track, view and read active and archived chats you’ve had with our support team, under the “help center” page.

SadaPay, or any other financial institution such as State Bank of Pakistan, will never ask you for your sensitive information, specifically OTP’s (one time passcode) over a phone call, text message or email. Always remember to not hand out your sensitive information over an unsecured line to anybody.

Your sensitive information includes things like:

  • PIN number (the four digit number you use to make card payments or withdraw cash from an ATM)
  • OTP (one-time passcode that you receive before a transaction)
  • Personal Details (CNIC, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, etc.
  • Card details (including card number, expiration date, and CVV)
  • Account details (account number, login credentials, or even your secret question/answer)
  • Any other personal or financial information that could be used to access your accounts or commit identity theft. 
Here are some common ways fraudsters use to trick you: 👿
  • Use fake email addresses, pretending to be real companies, trying to get your sensitive info.
  • They call you up, pretending to be bank officials, and try to get you to share your sensitive information over the phone. If it feels weird, just hang up!
  • They send sneaky texts with shady names, attempting to trick you into giving away your info. Don’t take the bait!
Other tricks fraudsters have up their sleeves 🃏
  • Warn you that your funds are at risk
  • Pretend to be representatives of financial institutions, such as State Bank Of Pakistan
  • Encourage you to transfer your funds to a "secure account"
  • Urge you to transfer your funds to another account
  • Advise you to apply for a loan or overdraft
  • Request you to provide them with an OTP (one time passcode) that they sent to your phone number
  • Request you to install another application to resolve an issue
  • Urge you to do a specific task which may even suggest that they will pay you for it. However, fraudsters are just looking to get your sensitive information during this process
Don’t worry though, here’s how you can prevent yourself from being scammed 👇
  • If you receive a suspicious call, text, or email purporting to be from us, remain calm and disregard it. In case of persistent harassment, report the incidents as fraudulent or simply reach out to us via in-app chat with screenshots.
  • Never disclose your PIN, password, or account information via phone, text, or email. Avoid entering sensitive details on purported SadaPay websites or unsecured platforms.

In any circumstance, feel free to contact our support team through the in-app chat for assistance in preventing fraud and scams. Stay safe and protect yourself from fraudsters! 🛡️