Introducing SadaPay’s new look

A clear understanding of purpose

When we decided to redesign our branding, we wanted to make sure that every aspect of the SadaPay experience reflected our core values and mission statement, which is why we defined it in the very beginning of our new website.

Complexity has become such an accepted part of the traditional banking experience in Pakistan and we’re absolutely tired of it. No more waiting on hold with your bank for 15 minutes just to enable one international transaction. No more paper forms, no complicated financial jargon, no more waiting at a bank branch, and no more fees for things that should be FREE (SMS messages, mobile banking, internet banking, statements, etc.). We’re here to make money ‘sada’ (simple), because people deserve better. We’re here to make a difference.

We wanted to make our card the hero of our brand – a physical representation of how we do things very differently.

Brandon Timinsky, Founder of SadaPay

So many debit cards in Pakistan followed the same, uninspiring design (blue, black, gold, let’s put a picture of a globe on it *yawn*). That’s where we knew that we could really stand out. Our debit card is the only physical touch point that we have with our customers, so we thought it was really important to make it special.

Mint & Peach

When we think of traditional banking in Pakistan, we never really think of it being fun. That’s why, for us, in addition to being inspiring, we want our customers to genuinely enjoy their banking experience. What better way to tie these values into our brand than by introducing bright and lively colours in our colour scheme. We want to share a new and fresh experience, so we chose a minty color for the front of our card, and a warm, welcoming, and friendly peachy color to compliment on the back.

At first, we were unsure if mint and peach made sense together, but the more we thought about it, the more it seemed like a perfect choice. We wanted the experience of holding and using our card to feel refreshing.

We also intentionally chose colors that would immediately catch attention, so we could ignite that inspiring and fun feeling we wanted to share. Teal and peach are referred to as sea tones and are typically used in depictions of nature and aqua. Given that we’re based in a country bursting with so much natural beauty, we thought that was a nice addition too.

With that in mind, we want people with a SadaPay card to feel as if they are really a part of something new and different. Our users will be part of a movement towards democratizing money. Money doesn’t need to be complicated, pretentious, or intimidating. Money can be simple.

Language, for humans ?

When people handle their finances, they want clarity. SadaPay shies away from industry jargon and complicated financial terms. We made sure that SadaPay shares important information in an easily understood, bite-sized manner. The way we speak to our customers should represent our values, which is why we chose to keep our language simple and clear, reflecting our core tenet of transparency.

But, we also want our customers to remember that managing money doesn’t have to be boring. That’s where our bright colour scheme, 3D imagery, and dual-tone iconography come in. We wanted our visual style to be one that appeals to the modern-day, digital experience. Our polished look and feel represent our obsessive attention to detail. Also, we like to sprinkle a few emojis here and there to add some personality ?

The start of something new

The new SadaPay brand reflects the beginning of a new type of experience, not just for us within the team but also for our customers. Our new brand is one we’re proud of and one we believe stays true to why we started this journey in the first place.

We love our new design and we hope you do too. Give us your feedback on our socials, we can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!