Important update: Changes to our debit card fee


When we started rolling out our debit cards back in 2020, we originally decided to keep our debit cards free for the first 100,000 users. We soon realised that people were excited to share their card unboxing experience with their friends on social media and that helped spread the word. So, we decided to keep the card free for as long as we could! Because of that, hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis got their SadaPay debit card for free 💚

Importing cards is now a lot more expensive:

Recently, we’ve had to make some decisions to adjust to the tough economic situation. In the spirit of transparency, we wanted to share that we have implemented a fee for our Mastercard and PayPak debit cards. In order for us to maintain our service standards and to ensure that your experience remains amazing, we realised we needed to make some compromises. That’s why starting from 3rd of April, our previously free debit Mastercard will now be priced at Rs. 895 + tax.

We’re still the most affordable account:

It’s super important to us that SadaPay continues to remain the most affordable payments app out there. That’s why we haven’t changed anything within the app:

  • All money transfers are still free
  • 3 ATM withdrawals per month are free
  • We’re still offering the best FX rates in the country for international transactions
  • There are no recurring or annual fees for the card

This way, you’re able to continue using your card avoiding unnecessary fees charged by traditional banks. We felt that charging for the card still allowed us to provide you with the most affordable services, given it’s a one-time charge

Don’t forget about the virtual card:

Our virtual card, which comes with your account when you sign up, will still be available for free for online payments. We understand that many of you don’t use your physical card frequently, and wanted to make sure that you can still enjoy the rest of our services with ease

For our users who already have our debit cards, this update will not make any difference to you. For those who want to order a new card or want to get one reissued, we genuinely hope that you will understand why we had to make this call. We reassure you that our commitment to transparency, customer satisfaction, and keeping money “sada” remains unchanged. Thanks for being part of our journey towards a brighter financial future ❤️