Empowering your financial journey: SadaPay’s enhanced wallet and ATM limits

SadaPay’s old spending limits sometimes felt like shackles, didn’t they? It’s time for some financial breathing room! Imagine having the freedom to spend with enhanced limits that meet your spending needs. Feels liberating, right? Well, hold onto that thought!

It is exciting to see multiple new digital Pakistani wallets sprouting up in recent times, and everyday more people are choosing digital banks over traditional ones. SadaPay stands out not only because of its simplicity but also because it truly values the voice of its community. You might have missed the news about our updated limits but we wanted to make sure we talk about it enough so that all our users know.  So we decided to write a blog about how this transpired.

With each day, more users are buzzing on the SadaPay app and there was an echoing request that our support team heard perhaps more than anything else: increased wallet limits and higher ATM cash withdrawals

An increasing number of our users were frequently reaching the brink of their former limits. You wanted more space, higher limits, and we heard you loud and clear! Your active engagement and feedback have been the catalysts for getting up to speed with the latest regulations – and we didn’t want you to wait!

As soon as the circular came out about the enhanced limits, our development team deprioritised a couple of features in the pipeline and picked up the complex task of enabling these for our users. We’re proud to say that we were the first financial institution to be live with this update.

Now what are these new changes?

  • Cash withdrawal limit: Gone are the days when you were restricted to just Rs. 10k a day. With the new ATM withdrawal limits upgrade in Pakistan, you can now access up to Rs. 50k daily! Whether it’s an impromptu shopping spree or an emergency need, SadaPay has got you covered.
  • Incoming limit: Thought the cash withdrawal update was neat? You’re in for another treat!! We’ve doubled our incoming limit from Rs. 200k to a whopping Rs. 400k per month. This new money transfer limit is applicable within the world of SadaPay or to any other bank or wallet in Pakistan – be it online payments or transferring between bank accounts. Isn’t that amazing?

But why are the new limits a big deal? One of the most popular use cases for SadaPay has been the ease of spending your money abroad. But recently, the currency devaluation meant that you need more Rupees to buy the same amount of dollars.. Being a digital bank, SadaPay operates without the overheads of physical branches. This unique model ensures that users enjoy the best exchange rates in the country. On top of that, we’ve always taken pride in dropping unnecessary fees, keep local transfers free and stay super transparent about your money.

And there’s more to SadaPay than meets the eye. Beneath the user-friendly interface lies a commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and above all, the needs of our diverse community. By actively seeking feedback and swiftly implementing changes, like the recent wallet limit increase in Pakistan, we ensure that the Sada experience remains unmatched. Our communication, underpinned by empathy and clarity, reflects our ambitious vision while being deeply rooted in the needs of our users. And as we always say, at SadaPay, every word matters. Every feedback counts. Every user is family.

We’re on a mission: to make finance not just functional, but fun. And with each update, each new feature, we get a step closer. So here’s to bigger limits, broader horizons, and a banking experience that’s truly tailored to you.

When it comes to embracing the digital age, ensuring that your banking partner speaks your language, values your needs, and consistently works towards enhancing your experience is crucial. And with SadaPay, you’re not just choosing a digital bank; you’re choosing a partner committed to making your financial journey truly delightful.

In wrapping up, it’s safe to say that these Pakistan-specific changes in wallet and ATM limits are just the beginning. We’re excited about what lies ahead.