Life at SadaPay

Culture done right; life at SadaPay

The culture of any organization is made through the values that its colleagues uphold and promote. At SadaPay, our biggest asset is our people.

We hope that throughout their time at SadaPay, our Sadanauts experience professional growth as well as fulfilling connections with each other. We want to provide the most conducive culture to our Sadanauts so they can fly high for our one true mission.

Our awesome line managers prioritize not just the company’s goals, but also the individual goals of each Sadanaut.

We are tight-knit and everyone has each other’s back! While we work tirelessly at our jobs, we also do our best to make sure each Sadanaut feels valued at the company. Thus, from birthdays to anniversaries, we never pass up an opportunity to celebrate (and eat some cake

). In addition to this, we foster a culture of management excellence and train our managers to be effective leaders. We want our Sadanauts to take the best care of their personal lives and health and that is why the leadership encourages time off!

We’re a remote-first company. This means we give our employees flexibility within their work lives and support having better control over our work and personal lives.

Due to the shift in the nature of work post Covid, we prefer remote working for the safety, better productivity and diverse workstations according to people’s likeness. We offer a lot of flexibility and that allows our teammates to pick up their child from school or go to a dentist’s appointment without facing any pushback from their work and with full support from their teams. Since we work from various cities and countries, we always make sure to plan fun meet-ups anytime Sadanauts are in town. Whether it’s for sports, hikes or gaming, it’s always an amazing time when our colleagues from other cities are visiting.

However, remote working comes in with its own set of challenges. To build that much-needed bond with one another, we host various engagement activities such as donut calls. These calls connect random colleagues with each other and they’re given a 15 minute time slot to talk about anything but work. Within our Slack workspace, we make sure to also include separate channels for sharing fun content, memes, photos of food and anything else that is stress-busting.

Additionally, we arrange Learn With A Sadanaut sessions every few weeks. The aim of these sessions is for one Sadanaut to volunteer and share an inspiring learning experience on Zoom. Having a growth mindset and an emphasis on learning is also extremely important to us. Since learning is a continuous process, we push our boundaries by offering a number of learning opportunities to Sadanauts. We have introduced an exclusive learning platform on Notion (You can read more about how we use Notion within our workspace here) where Sadanauts can take up any course they want within our allotted budget.

Moreover, we strongly believe in building a diverse culture that makes our colleagues of different backgrounds feel respected and safe. 36.6% of our overall workforce are women. They are provided with a separate Slack channel for privacy and free space. We offer our women monthly 2-day paid period leaves which they can take anytime by just informing their managers, no questions asked. Additional emphasis has been paid to their security by ensuring free of cost pick and drop services.

All in all, we are a team of Rockstars, the foundation of which stands on mutual care and respect.


So now you know how we make our workspace different, but what exactly makes a Sadanaut different from your average employee? The main thing that sets us apart from the crowd is our willingness to take on new challenges and grow together as a team. Since we don’t see this as a typical job and more as a journey, we try to embody all the characteristics you need when you’re setting off for a journey. That includes being driven, being a team player, thinking outside of the box, being willing to fall and willing to stand up again.

In addition to professional growth, we also view our time here as an opportunity to pursue personal growth. For this reason, we highly encourage critical feedback which we believe is one sure-fire way to bettering ourselves and succeeding. We also give public praise to whoever’s earned it through a channel on slack because we believe in recognition and acknowledgment. From good times to bad, each of us stands by the others’ side. We don’t only work to rise on an individual level, but also lift others with us


At SadaPay, we like to give our people the space to make mistakes with the knowledge that with a learning mindset, they’ll come out of their failures stronger and wiser. We believe that with a positive and growth oriented mindset, a lot can be learnt from failure. Moreover, we also have a slack channel where we all talk about our learnings openly!

Our open communication with no hierarchical barriers is another way to foster a culture where people can learn from their mistakes. We want Sadanauts to seek help, feedback and advice when they need it while also speaking up against anything they feel is hurting the company and its teammates.  


We are so grateful to have extremely enthusiastic and talented teammates who are the true driving force behind the company. Never losing sight of our mission, each of us polishes analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills through active communication, idea sharing and joint decision-making. We empower each other through trust, constructive feedback, essential mentoring, and last but not the least, relentless optimism.

If all of this speaks to you and you think you can add value to a progressive and growth oriented environment like ours, then head over to our Careers Page and check out our available job openings! We’re always looking to expand our rocketship with passionate individuals and we’d love to speak to you if you believe in our mission of making money “Sada”.

We do not just seek to maintain this culture — we also seek to improve it. Every person who joins us helps to shape and evolve the culture further. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and we hope this journey is empowering for every single Sadanaut