Breaking Down International Barriers: How SadaBiz Empowers Freelancers Worldwide

Struggling with bringing your freelancing income back home? 🌏 Battling the complexities of currency conversion? 😤 Frustrated with the payment processing maze? If you’re curious about how to make your freelance journey smoother, this blog will help you discover how SadaBiz is revolutionizing payment processing and giving you more time to focus on your craft 🚀

Pakistanis are spreading their wings and taking on international projects like never before through freelancing. Yet,, even though Pakistan is one of the largest gig economies in the world, receiving money from abroad is still a huge challenge for Pakistanis. 🌍🤔

Now, let’s rewind the clock to a time before SadaBiz, where freelancers in Pakistan faced quite the uphill battle. We’re talking cross-border payment solutions being more difficult to find than a unicorn🦄. And even if you managed to stumble upon one, the struggle to access them was like navigating a maze. But let’s say you’re one of the lucky ones who did manage to get an account, the hurdles just never stop. Rip-off fees and abysmal customer support turned every payment into a dreaded ordeal.

Challenges Before SadaBiz

Before SadaBiz arrived on the scene, freelancers in Pakistan had little or no access to bill clients from around the world. They often struggled to receive payments from international customers in a seamless and efficient manner. Here are some of the key barriers they faced:

  1. Limited payment options🧾
    Freelancers were boxed in with limited payment choices. Traditional bank transfers were slow, costly, and played dice with unfavorable exchange rates.
  2. Currency conversion complexity 💹
    Freelancers had to deal with gatekeepers and middlemen to convert their earnings, often losing a huge chunk of their earnings to poor exchange rates and hidden fees.
  3. Uncertain processing times
    Freelancers endured the rollercoaster of payment delays, never quite sure when their hard-earned cash would land, leading to financial uncertainty.

SadaBiz: Solving getting paid

SadaBiz emerges as a game-changer for freelancers in a region where borders were blockers. It bridges the gap and provides freelancers with a reliable platform to connect with global clients and provide them with various methods to transfer the money.

SadaBiz is the best way to receive money from clients abroad

With SadaBiz, freelancers gain access to the world stage, connecting with clients worldwide, bidding on projects, and expanding their horizons on an international scale. Now, they can confidently compete with their international counterparts, knowing that their earnings will be promptly delivered at unbeatable exchange rates. 💰🌏

No More Currency Conversion Confusion

Currency exchange was a perpetual headache for Pakistani freelancers. Converting earnings from foreign clients into Pakistani rupees often meant losing a substantial portion of their hard-earned money due to unfavorable rates and hidden fees.💱 SadaBiz, on the other hand, offers the best exchange rates, ensuring that freelancers receive a fair value for their work. This financial advantage is a game-changer for freelancers in Pakistan as it allows freelancers to keep more of what they earn 💼

Say Goodbye to Payment Processing Hassles

SadaBiz has streamlined the payment process while keeping everything Sada. 🔄️You only have to enter your amount, generate an invoice and send a payment link to your client 💸It’s literally a few taps on your screen. We ensure that freelancers get their earnings within 6 business days and without unnecessary delays. This efficiency allows freelancers to focus more on their work and less on financial logistics.

Connect with your Freelance Tribe

SadaPay’s commitment to inclusivity and transparency goes beyond financial services; it extends to nurturing a vibrant community of freelancers in Pakistan, able to compete with anyone in the world. Our gateway to this community of freelancing superheroes is SadaSchool, a transformative initiative designed to teach, connect and empower freelancers across the nation. 🇵🇰

No longer isolated in their freelance endeavors, individuals become part of an ambitious network of like-minded professionals who share similar dreams and ambitions. Our MasterClass is the ultimate pathway to go from beginner to pro as a freelancer. Within our thriving Discord-based community, SadaSchool offers a wealth of opportunities for networking and finding mentorship.🗣️

From free courses to the latest cutting edge AI tools and resources, from engaging lectures by industry experts to specialized channels catering to every niche, we ensure that freelancers have the support and knowledge they need to thrive in their unique journey ✏ This sense of belonging not only empowers freelancers but also provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences that further enriches their path to success. Join us in building a stronger, more connected freelance community with SadaSchool.🎓🚀

As we look to the future of freelancing in Pakistan, a promising transformation is on the horizon. SadaBiz stands as a catalyst for this change, excited to welcome a new wave of freelancers to uplift the existing community to unprecedented heights.

SadaBiz revolutionizes the freelance landscape, simplifying payments and eliminating currency headaches. It’s more than a mobile wallet; it’s a financial partner that solves your money problems and makes getting paid Sada.

The freelancing space is vast where anyone, no matter where they come from, can use their skills to achieve success around the world. Pakistan’s potential to become a global hub for freelancers is becoming a reality, and we’re making it happen with SadaBiz and SadaSchool. 🚀

How can I get paid by an international client?

Here’s how you can start earning through SadaBiz:

Login to your SadaPay app and navigate to the more tab. Find the section that says “Open a business account” and give it a tap.

Next, follow the steps on the screen to get your business account verified. It’ll only take 2-3 days to verify your account. Here’s a little secret: If you share your freelancer profile from UpWork, Fiver or another such freelancing platform, you’ll get a SadaBiz account sooner

Once your account is approved you’ll navigate to the more tab once again and this time tap the “Switch to Business account” button

Now it’s time to get paid! tap on the “Get Paid” tile and click on “New payment” – you’ll be able to enter a USD amount you’d like your client to pay

Once you’re done you’ll be able to generate a payment link. Send this to your client (email, whatsapp, carrier pigeon – your choice). We’ll do the rest and get you your money within 2 business days.