“Language exists to communicate whatever it can communicate. Some things it communicates so badly that we never attempt to communicate them by words if any other medium is available.” – C.S. Lewis

It is no secret that at SadaPay we embrace the informality of emojis in our relationship with our SadaFam. But did you know that this culture is not skin deep? It extends far beyond our public image and into our daily interactions within the workplace. Emojis are an integral part of the SadaPay culture and our ever-evolving relationship with each other.

Non-Verbal Communication

In a fast-paced remote-first landscape you can’t always just look up at your teammate and know what they’re up to, whether or not they’ve read your messages or how many in your team have done the task you’ve asked them to.

SadaPay embraces emojis as part of regular vernacular to communicate these things without the need to send a long “I’m working on it” or “I’m taking a look at the document you just sent.”

We replace lengthy texts with simple emojis.

Emoji Meaning          
👍 approved          
👀 taking a look          
🙌 nicely done          


SadaPay is made up of highly collaborative teams of driven individuals that make decisions within themselves 💪. Imagine sharing a whole game plan with your teammates and having to read through hundreds of responses to decipher which of them agree with you and which of them. Imagine jotting down each of them or counting them down on your fingers to see if a unanimous decision has been made. Sounds ridiculous, right? 🤡

We make it easy with Slack reacji–s:

Emoji Meaning          
🧵 find my lengthy thoughts in the thread below          

We extend this to creative decision-making as well. Simply assign emojis to versions of the design and vote to see which one everyone agrees on.

Emoji Meaning          
🔴 option 1          
🟡 option 2          
🔵 option 3          

Life could be so sada.

Across Borders

When you’re working across borders and timezones, it can be hard to keep track of who’s available, who’s out sick, who’s vacationing, and who’s running on their last bar of battery.

But we stay on top of it! We use the emojis in our Slack statuses to let each other know if we’re available for a chat or wrestling a bear under a waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

Emoji Meaning          
🕑 AFK until 2:00 PM          
🍜 Away for a Ramen Lunch          
🏝 Vacationing in the Caribbean          
✈️ In a flight          
🚕 In commute          
🏡 WFH          
🕌 Gone for prayers          

Legacy Employjis

Every person on our team contributes a great deal to both the culture and the work we do and these relationships we build with each other transcend space, for sure, what with our remote-first culture, but also time. It is why we hire the best of the best.

We believe SadaPay is shaped by the people within it and it shows in how fast our employees become part of our custom Slack emojis and how they stay there as part of the company’s legacy. It might not be a perk but it is our little love language.

Here’s a small list of how and why we’ve created legacy employjis:

Emoji Meaning          
Our CEO’s seal of approval for a job well done          
When Zia releases salaries at the end of the month!          
When someone drops the ball that we’ll soon pick up          
When we wanna ask for a quick huddle          

Custom Emojis

Ever notice how still emojis like 🥳 don’t really convey just how excited you are? We’re all living breathing moving creatures are we not? So why not convey those movements in custom reaction emojis like

Custom emojis don’t just convey movement, they add to the culture of a company. SadaPay has a total of 135 custom Slack emojis and counting. They keep things interesting and add to the atmosphere we work to create at SadaPay.

Emoji Meaning          
When we drop the ball
When we’re coding till our fingers burn off          
When everything’s not fine, but you’re partying          
When we’re excited to see what’s coming out of the oven          
When we’ve given the worst idea like it’s our best          

Building Relationships

While our teammates work long-distance, they do live in our ❤️. SadaPay, like many companies in the post-pandemic work culture, has dropped the workplace jargon just as we have and replaced the coldness of “please get back to me on this ASAP” with “looking forward to your ideas 🤩”

If you’re interested in our way of using emojis, consider trying it out in your team or just join us!

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