When you talk to anyone about working at a startup, you’ll probably hear some standard phrases: “we love the fast-paced environment, we’re disrupting our industry, we value the growth potential.” And all of that’s definitely true. But those aren’t the reasons why I joined SadaPay. 

 Of course, with a startup, you have the unique chance to build something from the ground up. SadaPay’s a company that’s relatively new to the market: we started off around two years ago, and we’re still pushing our mission – to make money simple for all – forward every single day. If you work here, you have to be prepared to take on big challenges. For the unexpected. For milestones, big and small. For pivoting focus to rapidly evolving priorities. You have to be prepared to think rigorously about what you say and what you do, because your ideas are taken seriously, and are often brought to life. What you bring to the table matters because it will inevitably shape our product and consequently, the future of money, no matter what team you’re a part of.

Even with all this unique responsibility, the real reason I joined SadaPay is because of the mission behind the product. The potential impact of what we’re building inspires me to do my best work. We live in Pakistan, a country where a majority of the population doesn’t have access to financial services (let alone financial services that keep up with their needs). We’re a country where financial freedom sometimes feels like a foreign concept. And when I wake up every morning to go to work, that’s my guiding light. 

SadaPay genuinely aspires to bring real, tangible, and meaningful changes to the way millions of Pakistanis manage their money. This matters to me because:

  1. There’s a lot more at stake than just helping a company become profitable. SadaPay aims to make money so simple that any other way becomes unthinkable. It’s supposed to transform your finances into your best friend. We’ve got a mission almost everyone in Pakistan can relate to – one that everyone needs.
  2. At SadaPay, you’re in complete control of your work. My coworkers and I are genuinely trusted with our tasks and ideas, which heightens the stakes. It’s why we go the extra mile to deliver. We know we’re bringing something new to the lives of people around us. We’re united by a common goal that’s greater than just achieving a certain job designation within a couple of years. We’re in this together to keep our legions of users – past, present, and future – feel as happy and cared for as we possibly can.  
  3. We’re built different. Literally. Even though we’re remote first, the company is structured to make sure we’re all on the same page. And there are no hierarchies. The CEO is just as approachable as anyone else in the company. Your managers encourage you to be honest with yourself and care about your growth in the company. HR always has your back (read more about our awesome culture on our careers page). We’ve got incredibly talented people working with us from around the globe, some of whom have never even been to Pakistan, but are as committed to the cause as everyone else. The reason is honestly simple: if SadaPay does well, people out in the real world have a lot to gain, and that’s a beautiful thing.

I know these are big goals and even bigger promises for a company that hasn’t officially launched yet. But there’s a reason our early users are raving about our app. And there are many reasons our waitlisted users are constantly on edge to be onboarded.

The context

In Pakistan, there are overcomplicated buffers to online financial transactions. Some examples: the brain-numbing paper forms you have to fill before getting your account approved, the time wasted when a call center keeps you on hold for what feels like an eternity, and of course, the dreaded one-time passcodes you have to enter from text messages AND email to make transfers. At the same time, people are generally a little skeptical about digitizing their finances. What if it’s not safe? What if valuable bank information gets stolen? What if the vulnerability of online systems makes me lose money?

With this bias towards cash comes a series of challenges: the constant physical visits to bank branches and the resulting long wait times, the additional costs of commuting to banks and paying bank fees, the security hazard of carrying around large sums of money, and the fact that the rest of the world is rapidly digitizing. We have to make sure that Pakistan is not left behind. When we built SadaPay, we put a lot of thought into distilling the complexity in finance through thoughtful design. Everything you need to get started? Your phone and your ID card. That’s literally it. And we hope that with this simplicity in mind, the amount of users we serve could help us shift towards a cashless society that capitalizes on increasing the GDP of the internet.

Being easy to use isn’t the only thing that sets us apart. We are reimagining money in a way that could encourage people to build better money habits and feel that they’re always in control.

Cheaper and faster

We offer our users the best possible services at the lowest costs. Generally, ATM withdrawals are charged if you don’t withdraw from your own bank and transferring funds online between banks comes with unfair costs. Not to mention the barrages of service fees that you’ll need to operate a bank account in Pakistan. Not everyone can afford paying the account opening charges, the minimum balances and the yearly maintenance fees. By offering branchless financial services, we save on a lot of infrastructural costs that would require our users to pay up in a bunch of hidden fees. The result: a seamless, stunning free debit Mastercard, free interbank fund transfers, three free monthly ATM withdrawals, and the best customer support in Pakistan. 

You don’t need to worry about being tripped up in any financial jargon when you use our app. You want to load money into your account or send it elsewhere? It’ll be done in a few taps. The speed at which you can perform transactions on SadaPay is what makes it totally unique. Of course, all props go to our amazing team of product specialists, engineers, and UX designers. And if you want to learn more about our incredible team while joining in on the action, you can join us!

Your power

SadaPay is relentlessly dedicated to improving how Pakistanis use and interact with their money. We want to encourage people to open digital accounts, promote financial literacy for our audience through our content, and show people the magic of mobile-first payments. A majority of Pakistan’s population is unbanked anyways, showing that the existing financial ecosystem needs to do more to convert a huge amount of people over to trusting digital financial services. 

Down the line, we want to add more dimensions to our product, like Sada payment gateways for business owners and features tailored for freelancers. We’re only getting started with a financial revolution. When we’re recruiting people, we look for those who care deeply about our mission and believe in a brighter financial future for 220 million Pakistanis. SadaPay is for people who are open to possibilities; for people who embrace change rather than shun it; and it’s for people who are driven by our purpose. 

Above our goal of making finances simple and accessible to all, our mission is focused on cultivating love: be it for our brand, for finance, or for the vast potential we all harbor as Pakistanis.   


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SadaPay is registered as SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (No. 0136598), is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SadaPay Technologies Ltd., registered in the Dubai International Financial Center under commercial fintech license #3263.

SadaPay Mastercard debit cards issued pursuant to a license by Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.


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