Yes, you should be able to use your card on any website around the world that accepts Mastercard as a method of payment.

Yes it will! You’d just have to enable international transactions in the app before you use it to shop online or outside of Pakistan?

Yes, of course! You’ll be able to use the card on all international websites/platforms that accept Mastercard. The network includes more than 30 million merchants around the world.

When you open your SadaPay account, it comes with a virtual debit card that can be used immediately!

SadaPay can be complementary to Payoneer or Skrill, but SadaPay is based in Pakistan and can offer some advantages. We charge no fee to receive our debit card. Also, we can offer much better exchange rates to PKR. Also, many ATMs charge extra fees for foreign debit cards. Your SadaPay card will have 3 free cash withdrawals per month at any ATMs in Pakistan.

First, we’ll offer payment processing services to freelancers via our invoicing feature which accepts credit card payments. In the future, we are hoping to release a simple (Sada!) website payment gateway solution because many people have been requesting this. We do not have an estimated time yet for when this will be ready.

Payments & Charges

Registration is absolutely free ? You’ll also receive the debit card at no cost and there is no minimum balance requirement or annual fee.

No, there is no minimum balance required to have a SadaPay account.

Your SadaPay card has 3 free cash withdrawals each month at any ATM in Pakistan. After that, the ATM fee is only 18.75 PKR.

There are some limits based on regulations from State Bank of Pakistan. A standard SadaPay account will have a 50,000 PKR monthly deposit limit, but this can be upgraded to 200,000 PKR upon biometric verification. Merchant accounts for freelancers can have a 500k PKR monthly deposit limit and 500k PKR withdrawal limit.

Currently, there are no fees to send Interbank Fund Transfers (IBFT) from SadaPay.

Yes, SadaPay accounts will have normal account numbers to receive IBFT from other banks. There is no charge to receive IBFT transfers.


Yes, SadaPay is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan and operates under the Electronic Money Institution license framework. Furthermore, SadaPay is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan as SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd.

SadaPay utilizes the highest bank-level security and encryptions. We are governed by the State Bank of Pakistan under the Electronic Money Institution regulations. Furthermore, we are also registered locally with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan as SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd

Your account will still be protected because your secret PIN number is still required to make any transfers. Please make sure to report your phone or card stolen to us as soon as possible.

From the app, you can lock your card temporarily until you find it, or report it stolen to permanently disable it. We’ll send you a new one for free.

The Basics

We’re just as excited as you are for SadaPay to launch! ?? Our team is in process to finalize our licensing with State Bank of Pakistan. Once we have permission to enroll customers, we’ll start onboarding customers from our waitlist. When it’s your turn, we’ll email you with instructions on how to finish your registration. After your registration is complete, we will immediately deliver your debit card by courier within 48 hrs.

Registration for an account will take less than 3 minutes through our app. All we need is a quick selfie, a photo of your CNIC card, and some basic details to activate your account!

To create a SadaPay account, we’ll only need a selfie, a picture of your CNIC, your phone number, and a few other small details. There is no minimum deposit and no minimum balance requirement.

SadaPay has recently received “in-principle” approval from the State Bank of Pakistan, which allows us to launch limited scale operation under the supervision of SBP. During this time, the Beta version of SadaPay will only be available on an invite-only basis. Over the coming months, we will onboard customers from our waiting list for full SadaPay accounts. By downloading the SadaPay app, you can register and see your position on the waitlist.

SadaPay members can “cash-in” at tens of thousands of retail agents across the country. You can also receive IBFT transfers from other banks, or even receive international payments/remittance via Transferwise, Western Union, Payoneer, etc. If you join the waitlist, we will send you an email with more information later when we finalize more deposit options and partnerships.

In the SadaPay app, you can upgrade to a merchant account to get access to special features like invoicing and requesting credit card payments. To upgrade, we’ll need to collect some additional information about your business for us to have on record.

Great question! Because we are a digital financial institution with no physical branches, our operating expenses are very low. We can pass these savings to our customers to offer free financial services. SadaPay earns revenue through premium services like international payment processing and payroll solutions for employers. Also, Mastercard pays us a small transaction fee whenever our customers pay for things with a Mastercard debit card.

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SadaPay is registered as SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (No. 0136598), is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SadaPay Technologies Ltd., registered in the Dubai International Financial Center under commercial fintech license #3263.

SadaPay Mastercard debit cards issued pursuant to a license by Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.


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